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If your vehicle has been in any sort of accident, or if you’ve just bought a used car but are unsure of its history, it’s worth checking if there’s frame damage. Frame damage can range from the obvious bend and cracks to more subtle shifting or rippling of force into other parts of the frame.

Although small frame damage seems harmless, it’s important to remember that almost all the safety features in your car are built into the frame. A compromised frame makes your car less able to protect you if you have another accident.

Don’t take the risk – A&E shop can look at your frame and let you know the extent of the damage.

By using a 3D Specter Laser Frame Measurement system, our technicians can first measure, then realign your frame until manufacturer specs are met. The system gives a ‘green’ light to let us know we’ve returned your car to factory standards.

Call A&E today to schedule an appointment for frame alignment.